CounterReality is an art & design studio founded by Lihui Liang. She explores methods of creation as much as possible, such as oil painting, pastel, ink drawing, collage, fabric & fashion, digital drawing, product, sculpture and music. The mission is to explore the ultimate questions: What is real? What is our true identity? What is the meaning of life?

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We host public and private events to encourage imagination and authentic human connection. Our events include philosophy discussion events, create day, theme party, concerts, storytelling and many other events that you cannot experience from anywhere else!

Portrait Commission

Do you want to know more about who you are? In society, we are labeled as genders, races, ages, professions and are defined by our history, but these labels cannot define who we truly are. Our present selves have no limitation. We are agents of our own identity. In Lihui’s portraits, you will see colors of your auro and your spirit animals.



A Crocodile Eating an Apple
The crocodile has power to eliminate our emotional blocks and heal us.

bear, rocket, pencil, child's book, fly, flying bear
Bear and Pencil Rocket
The bear will bring you good luck with your career but you need to work hard to get what you want.

Mind Journey

I like going on a mind journey. It will help me understand the parts of my brain that I've never discovered when I'm awake.

Mind Journey

Bird Seeking for the Meaning of Life: What is Good (2017)
Oil on canvas

What is good and evil sounds like a simple question but philosophers have argued about this question for millions of years. Greek philosopher Plato believes that there is perfect justice. The form of the good exists and our purpose is to approach this form. I have an alternative idea. Good is what we think it is. It sounds subjective but we are all human beings. Even though we think in many different ways, there’s still a collective sense of good and bad in ourselves.