Existence is better than non-existence. Whatever I am painting, I try to show, through line and color, the thrill of reality, that things are there at all. There is an underlying joy to the world.

I try to paint with great simplicity. Ordinary life is complex and cluttered, and it’s easy to get numb. I try to show the essences of things.

The painting itself should arouse sympathy and joy.

CounterReality isn’t just a way of seeing. It’s a way of showing the big fact about our world, the thing we need to remember but forget easily. The big fact is: the world is always, in the end, rooted in goodness. That’s why, when you see things as they are, joy is a reaction. Bad things happen, but we can hold on to a bigger picture where joy and happiness are possible. The world is more complex and glorious than we realize. People are vulnerable, but we do help one another, support is always coming. We underestimate other people and ourselves, but people are always endlessly rich and able to amaze.