Mind Journey

  • Snake-and-me
  • Laser Eyes Snake Cut me into Pieces

    I saw a snake with a face. He looked at me with no emotion.
    He opened his eyes. He had a pair of laser eyes.
    He used his eyes to cut my head off. I was shook but it didn’t feel painful at all.
    I asked:” Why do you do that?”
    He didn’t say anything, but came closer.
    He then cut my legs off.
    After that, he charged energy to my abdomen* with his laser eyes.
    Although he is brutal, but I have a feeling that he is doing nice things to me.

    *In Chinese traditional medicine, abdomen is called Dantian, which is our energy center

  • Bear-and-me

  • Swallowed by a Black Bear

    A black bear.

    He was about 7 inches taller than me. He looked very cute.
    I thought he was my friend so I went to say hi and hugged him. He hugged me back and swallowed me from top to bottom.

    I didn’t feel hurt, but graceful.

  • mouse-and-me
  • Surrounded by Mice

    A mouse appeared. In a short period of time, more mice are coming after the head mouse. They started to run around me in circle. More and more mice joined in and at one point, the head mouse climbed on me through my legs, to my shoulders and to my hands.