“Lihui’s Metamorphosis” Pop-up Exhibition in London

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A genuine guide through the first solo exhibition by Lihui Liang.


Time: 25th-27th November, 2022

Exhibition Preview: 25th Nov 5pm-9pm

Address: Gypsy Lust London. 40 Stoke Newton RD, N16 7XJ



A gigantic slug appeared. She swallowed any human it detected. The selective souls received invitations to the land of Animal Religion. They merged or transformed into animals and gained exceptional abilities. With their new identities, their mission is to get closer to nature and be happier. They suffered as humans before. They believed that the societal structure created by the government and the economic system was problematic. Alternatively, Animal Religion has no central power. Everyone being part of it respects one and others and especially vegetables.

The animals in Lihui’s paintings represent the repressed desires and collected unconscious. They are in every one of us. By developing a healthy relationship with them, we can be more fulfilled and happier.

Animal religion

Are animals less intelligent than humans? Crows can figure out complicated tasks on their own, and an otter can use a vendor machine.…yet animals are not yet having freedom as we humans do. Science has proved that Homo Sapiens today have less intelligent than the sapiens from 20,000 years ago. Intelligence doesn’t guarantee power. The story of Animal Religion begins.

Divine Slug​


A gigantic slug appeared, entering bars and pubs and swallowing any humans it encountered. The gigantic slug was divine. Its agenda was to take away non-spiritual objects, including jackets, underpants, heels, and luxury jewellery. These non-spiritual objects created lust, hatred, and fear among humans. Its job was to eliminate them. The slug then spilled out humans being naked. Without any jewellery and clothes to show social status, humans could remain true to their inner souls.

Divine Slug eating Human, spiritual animal paintings.

Rebirth of the souls

After clearing the outfits and earthly belongs, purified souls went through the door of Animal Religion, which was shown in the middle of the canvas. Once the soul entered, he or she could choose to merge with animals as his/her new identity to experience a new life. The new life provided them with counterreality experience to acquire wisdom and divine power. The phoenix gained the power for an infinite rebirth and the green fox could create doors to transport herself or others to different places. Every Sunday morning, they would take a cloud bath, to take away worries.

The painting is an introduction of the land of Animal Religion. The world will expand and stories continues.



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    Beautiful work.

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