About Counterreality

There are multiple dimensions of our world, and many of them are unseen. Scientists tell a similar story with string theory. Counterreality chooses to tell absurd, wondrous stories of the other dimensions, where the rules of social norms in our reality do not apply. Each painting proposes a meaningful question in life, such as “who are we?”, “why are we here?” It stimulates curiosity and challenges anyone to think differently than before.
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Lihui Liang in her studio, 2022
Turtle Box, oil on canvas, 30cmx40cm, 2022

The creatures and humans from different dimensions all gather together at “Turtle Box”. It is a box to provide source of energy. What is the origin of the universe? Science has an answer but it isn’t an absolute one. Religion provides different versions of how we begin. The painting was inspired by religious symbols from multiple cultures.

Would you choose between knowledge or wealth?

The rising sun radiates knowledge from a sage and you feel empowered. The sage is brewing the potion of divine knowledge over thousands of years.

The wealth obtained gives you a degree of freedom, security, and happiness; but it binds you to the system. Whereas knowledge gained remains eternally, you become self-reliant, make better decisions, and reach a higher quality of life.

Socrates says unhappiness is caused by ignorance, and knowledge brings you into a profound state of happiness. Yet Thoreau says wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

Would you choose between knowledge or wealth?

Divine Knowledge, oil on canvas, 20cmx25cm, 2022.

Are humans more intelligent than animals?

animal religion I
Animal Religion I, oil on canvas, 20cmx25cm, 2022.
Animal Religion II, oil on canvas, 20cmx25cm, 2022.

Are animals less intelligent than humans? Crows can figure out complicated tasks on their own, and an otter can use a vendor machine.…yet animals are not yet having freedom as we humans do. Science has proved that Homo Sapiens today have less intelligent than the sapiens from 20,000 years ago. Intelligence doesn’t guarantee power. The painting tells a story of Animal Religion.

The portal to other dimensions. Each portal has a guardian to protect it. The guardian would tell you whether you are eligible to travel to the other side or not. Fortunately, there is no need to fill in any application forms or prepare for interviews. You only need to make sure to meditate on your intentions as you face the guardian.

Watermelon Portal, oil on canvas, 20cmx25cm, 2022.
Wabi-sabi Garlic, oil on canvas, 20cmx25cm, 2022.

The messenger God at counterreality. The one who possess superhuman intelligent and deepest wisdom of the universe. It can grant wishes from those with good intentions and make their dreams and desires come true.


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