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Pink Elephant — The painting shaped CounterReality brand identity

pink elephant, painting, oil painting, contemporary painting

If I tell you, "Don't think of a pink elephant!" What will you do?


However hard you try, it will always come back to your mind. You can ask yourself: “Am I thinking about a pink elephant?” While you are questioning, you are thinking about it!


A pink elephant doesn’t exist in the real world, but you cannot stop imagining it. Scientists use imagination to come up with new insights. Einstein famously asked the question, "How would it look like if I were riding on a light beam?" and started a new discipline with that one, beautiful question.


Artists and poets use imagination to communicate emotions. CounterReality is a place to practice your imagination.


pink elephant, counterreality painting


Lihui Liang made the Pink Elephant oil painting in August 2018. In the painting, the pink elephant is supported by clouds on a tree. The fish in the clouds are all happy under the protection of the pink elephant. The symbolism of the elephant is often associated with strength, care, and protection because elephants are very large and peaceful. Elephants are also sacred creatures in many ancient cultures. The Hindu god Ganesha has an elephant head, representing the lord of success.


Lihui has been using this symbol to build a loving and supporting community. Since Lihui started the CounterReality art and design studio in August 2017, her mission has been to understand fundamental questions of life, such as: "Who are we?", "Why are we here?",  "What is the meaning of life?"


During this path, she realized that this mission could not  be accomplished by her alone. Instead, she had to connect with people and the environment around her and listen carefully. Lihui is genuine, inquisitive, and passionate. People came to look at her art and talk with her and her friends. She soon created an intellectual and creative community. It soon became not only a community but also a culture. When people come to CounterReality, it feels like a home where they can share feelings and thoughts with others honestly.


Around the Pink Elephant, there is only joy, openness, acceptance, and love. The Pink Elephant represents the identity of the CounterReality brand. And this is where the logo comes from.


pink elephant, counterreality painting

pink elephant, silly human race, art sweater

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