Relive Our Lives With Imagination

counterreality imagination philosophy

Once upon a time when we were all children, we knew what we liked and what we disliked. We spoke our mind with no intention. We were not afraid to imagine things beyond Reality. When we grew up, we became disconnected with our inner passion and chose to conform to the rules in society and accept Reality.

CounterReality brings back our true nature, love and passion to Reality. In Reality, we look for money, social status and good-looking friends. CounterReality is a place for love, wisdom and heart. Imagination flows. We desire to become who we truly are, speak our most authentic voice and connect with people heart to heart.

CounterReality isn’t a place to escape from Reality; it is a place to learn how to create Reality where our dreams come to life. Reality is made of matter. Yet, matter does not inherently have meaning. Imagination creates meaning. Our desire for material goods restrains us from following our heart and being our true selves. Love makes us alive.

Do things you love, and allow your inner spirit to move your tongue. Eventually, you will create the Reality you have always wanted, and true happiness will come to you.

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