spiritual journey, divine egg, enlightenment journey, visual diary

Anti-humanity pill

Orange mountain,
Purple lake,
A kaleidoscope hodgepodge;
Finally, an egg rising tells the truth all about the mind.
I looked into the lake,
A goat.

I was addicted with my phone and social media during the quarantine, but I found back myself by meditation. As I meditated, I simply closed my eyes and focused on my breathe. For three months, I spend time staying peacefully with myself with a book. I am able to create a space in my head to freely explore my imagination.

The egg appeared in my vision and explained to me that he is the creator of this world and the space took part of collective unconscious. It made me feel more confident to share this story with you. Now I am able to explain my vision to you for you to visualise in your own head. Deep down we are all connected, regardless of how distant or different between you and me.

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