genesis, counterreallity, a box in the middle, and creatures in other dimensions gather together to celebrate life, idealism philosophy and neo-platonism metaphysical ideal. greek mythology symbolism
Turtle Box, oil on canvas, 30cmx40cm, 2022.


I am inspired by idealism philosophy; the world of ideas precedes the world of matter. Specifically, Neo-Platonism, rooted in the concept of “the one”, as it is shown in my painting, the “turtle box” is the source of all, and without it nothing exists. Creature from different dimensions come here to show gratitude of their existence. Neither “the one” or the “turtle box” is the first principle: instead of the beginning of a river, it makes the river appears all at once. 


Supergirl v.1


Supergirl v.1, pdf version download upon purchase!

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