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Spirit Animal Portraits

A reminder of your dreams and visions. A journey to tap into your greater self.

Spirit Animal Portraits Magazine


Spirit Animal Portraits Magazine” captures fantastic journeys of transformation and self-discovery based on real people. This graphic magazine features artworks by Lihui alongside the stories of those she interviewed and created portraits for. The individuals she portrays undergo remarkable transformations into angels, foxes, cheetahs, and other extraordinary animals rarely encountered in reality. These stories are not mere narratives; they are meaningful tales that invite you to tap into the deeper dimensions of human existence.

Each story guides you deeper into the eccentric world of Counterreality, an immaterial and colorful realm where human potential finds its place. “Spirit Animal Portraits Magazine” offers only limited editions, ensuring the exclusivity of each issue.

A4 size.

Ship Worldwide.

A Brief Introduction

Imagination is the future. I believe that everyone has power. We can all make a difference if we practice our imagination. 

In society, we are labelled as genders, races, ages, professions and are defined by our history, but these labels cannot define who we truly are. Our present selves have no limitation. We are agents of our own identity; our subject surpasses our object. I hope to help people find their true character and become who they are as an independent being through my paintings.

In my portraits, I use colours to represent the energy I feel on them. Those colours don’t belong to their external appearance. People in my portraits can have blue or green colour skin. Green means curiosity and growth. Blue means intelligence and calmness. Those colours represent what is inside of them, such as what they feel and how they think. I often paint outgoing people with their hair pointing upwards; introverts’ hair slide closer to their head.

Spirit animal shows the inner drives of people. The spirit animal can guide them to the place they should go, and to move forward in their life. It can also represent the strength and weakness of the person. For example, the giraffe is tall and happy. It can see things far away but it may get trapped by things right in front.

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