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Animal Religion I

Animal Religion I, oil on canvas, 20cmx25cm, 2022.
Are animals less intelligent than humans? Crows can figure out complicated tasks on their own, and an otter can use a vendor machine....yet animals are not yet having freedom as we humans do. Science has proved that Homo Sapiens today are less intelligent than the Sapiens from 20,000 years ago. Intelligence doesn’t guarantee power. The story of Animal Religion begins. Ship Worldwide.


Bull-man, oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2022. Bull-man plays instruments to inspire dreams and passions; yet he has two sides: one to save those who save themselves, and the other is to destroy all. Ship Worldwide.

Green Fox

Green Fox, oil on canvas, 24x32cm, 2022.
Green Fox is the guardian of the door to the other dimension. She absorbs energy from nature and changes her colors according to seasons.


Merman, oil on canvas, 30x40cm, 2022.
Merman carries a red rose to the world. According to him, the flower is a reminder of the natural way of life. Merman thinks that the way we live now is faster than it should be because humans can be impatient and blinded by greed and power hungry. Natural life such as plants evolves slowly and energetically. Though it is a long way to go, he is learning to love the world more as well as himself.
Ship Worldwide.