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Divine Slug Oil Painting

Divine Slug, 30x40cm, Oil on Canvas, Lihui Liang, 2022. A gigantic slug swallows every human it sees; however the only things it takes are non-spiritual objects, including jackets, underpants, and luxury jewelry. Without any of these to show their status, humans could remain true to their souls.

Kamama Finding Heart Special Edition

Kamama, a friendly purple monster who has lost his heart, finds different ways to grow them back. Each comic provides practical tips in life for living fully and being your true self. It gives you a lot to think about each time you read it. Suitable for both kids and adults. Size: 17.3x26cm Full-colour prints.

Spaghetti Love

Spaghetti Love, 20x20cm, oil on canvas, Chicken Ball. A heart-shaped spaghetti ball is in the middle and two berries protect the Spaghetti Love.  
  • Original Painting, signed in the front.
  • Made in London.
  • Ship Worldwide.

Stephen Hawking Oil Painting

Stephen Hawking, 30x40cm, oil on canvas.
Original Painting. Ship Worldwide.
Story: Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest scientists in history. He discovered Hawking radiation, saying a Blackhole isn’t only absorbing everything but also emitting energy.In my portrait, I made a Speed of Bird to represent his spirit, a mini black hole to support his life energy, and Valentino shoes to add a spark in his fashion style. The mini black hole gives him super power. He could use the mini black hole to clean the dirt in his house and it could provide all the electricity we could ever need on earth.Stephen gained real purpose for his life through his dedication to science during his suffering, creating light and knowledge from darkness. He taught me that physics, far from being imaginary, has real impact on everything we do in life. Besides “Brief History of Time”, his other must read book “Brief Answers To The Big Questions”, has less focus on the physics and more on analysis and imagination to provide to our questions 'Is there a god?' and 'How did it all begin?'

The Cloud of Forgetting

Oil painting, 30 cm x 50 cm, Tiramisu, 2022.   At the very edge of the universe, we see the cosmic mountain and luminous stars. In The cloud of forgetting painting, the enigmatic circle on the top absorbs anything stagnant in your mind in your daily life, recharging you with joy and wonder.    Ship worldwide. The painting is one of a kind and non-refundable.