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Animal Religion Art Magazine Issue 1

Animal Religion Art Magazine captures Lihui's original artwork and the essence of the short film. The land of Animal Religion showcases a spiritual journey where humans and animals merge in extraordinary ways. Each human-animal possesses a unique superconscious power, whether it's the ability to change colors or create reality through writing. In this realm, their goal is to adopt a simpler and more natural way of life. How might these extraordinary animals guide us in reshaping our relationship with nature and the world?
  • Full-color print
  • B5 size
  • Limited Edition of 50

Counterreality Handbook For Everyone (Ebook)

Summary: Counterreality Handbook: For Everyone is a Contemporary Fiction inspired by my experience as a visual artist engaging with my imagination.
The story begins with someone, (gender unknown), who is completely and utterly bored with their life until they receive a Pink Elephant Token from a psychologist. This changes everything! Colours spin around and the person enters an alternative world named Counterreality. This world operates uniquely through Imagination Coins. The more coins you can keep, contributing all the while to imagination throughout the universe, the longer you are able to stay in this colourful and creative world. Indeed, living in Counterreality is an ideal dreamlike existence.
More about the book: Digital book, comprising 63 pages, 9015 words, and 20 illustrations that will transport you into a world of imagination and wonder. Download the PDF instantly upon purchase. Available exclusively on and Apple Books.

Kamama’s Dream (Limited Edition)

Do you believe in dreams, or are you afraid to confront your heart? Are you considering life from a different perspective? The world can be harsh for those who believe in dreams, but is it better to feel nothing at all? Are you living your life without feeling? Meet Kamama, a purple monster created by Lihui Liang, a multidisciplinary artist based in London. Kamama’s quest for a heart may seem challenging, yet it is a challenge everyone may face at some point in their lives. Drawing from Lihui’s own experience in becoming a full-time artist and film director, she has crafted a story through the lens of Kamama, who tries different ways to healing their heart to embrace their complete soul. This book is for dreamers who are on a journey to find their hearts.
  • Size: B5 (17.6 x 25 cm)
  • Full-color print
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Limited Edition
  • First 50 copies signed by the author with handwritten notes

Spirit Animal Portraits Magazine


Spirit Animal Portraits Magazine" captures fantastic journeys of transformation and self-discovery based on real people. This graphic magazine features artworks by Lihui alongside the stories of those she interviewed and created portraits for. The individuals she portrays undergo remarkable transformations into angels, foxes, cheetahs, and other extraordinary animals rarely encountered in reality. These stories are not mere narratives; they are meaningful tales that invite you to tap into the deeper dimensions of human existence.

Each story guides you deeper into the eccentric world of Counterreality, an immaterial and colorful realm where human potential finds its place. "Spirit Animal Portraits Magazine" offers only limited editions, ensuring the exclusivity of each issue.

A4 size. Ship Worldwide.

Supergirl v.1

Supergirl v.1, pdf version download upon purchase!