Photobook: Imaginary Structure
Photobook: Imaginary Structure

Photobook: Imaginary Structure

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This photobook collects the best photos by San Francisco artist and inventor Lihui Liang during the year 2015 and 2016.

The first thing I see in anything is its structure, an essence that precedes mere existence. Water is H2O. An airplane is a flying creature. A human is a social being that has the ability to imagine. When structures appear in the physical world, they are compositions of colors, textures and shapes. As I get used to observing structures, I see more and more detail. Then suddenly, every object comes to life —they are constantly moving around and connecting to each other. My job is to reduce the complex system of the world to a minimal construction. I want to show its essence to people as accurately as I can.

"Imaginary Structure showcases my best photographs from the past two years. I hope that my audience will read through Imaginary Structure thoroughly again and again. These photos represent very deep aspects of my inner self. The process of taking photos and making books requires me to constantly examine and refine how I see structures. If you are willing to spend time with my book, I promise you will expand your mind little by little and have a fresh new vision of yourself and the world around you, similar to meditation.
Imaginary Structure will challenge the way you think. The unique quality of human beings is that we have an ability to anticipate and imagine things far beyond their own physical reality. I want to train my audience to transcend their frame of reference and to embrace other modes of thinking. People have different viewpoints and expect different things. I believe that if we look into ourselves deeply enough and keep expanding our perspectives, we will live in one coherent world — a world of order and harmony.

— Lihui Liang (artist, designer, inventor), Sep 18, 2016"

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