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Anima Art Print

Anima Art Print (Unframed) A pink lady with a lioness stays peacefully next to her. The lioness is the Anima or the soul of the lady. In Jung's psychology, every female has a counter male. It is the male counterpart makes the character whole.  A4 size. Limited Edition (100)

Bertrand Russell (Limited Edition Print)

A portrait of English philosopher Bertrand Russell, A3, Limited Edition of 100, originally in oil painting, painted by Lihui Liang, 65x90cm, 2022. Ship Worldwide. Email for an alternative size.

Counterreality Lizard Hat

  • Lizard possesses resistance and long evolutionary history. It is also an auspicious religious symbol. Having a lizard in your life brings strength, wealth and luck.
  • A delicate embroidered lizard pattern in the front.
  • One size fits all.
  • Counterreality Signature design.
  • A unique gift for your friends and important others.
  Lizard Story Lizard is considered holy and lucky in Hinduism tradition. Gigantic lizard installations settled on the ceiling in Varadharaja Perumal Temple. The lizard is supposed to wipe out all the accumulated disease if we touch it.  

Counterreality Three Metamorphoses Talisman Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Enamel Pin, 5.1 x 3.8cm
  • Camel: persistence Lion: freedom Child: creation
  • Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy on self-actualization.
  • A kind reminder of life's purpose and transformation
Three Metamorphoses Story

The Three Metamorphoses story was originally written by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. He believed that the purpose of human existence is to achieve one's full potential. To achieve that, a spirit had to go through three transformations: a camel, a lion, and a child. These talismans are made of soft enamel. The set comes with three animals and each animal represents survival, freedom, and creation. Besides a beautiful, fun decoration, the talisman brings unique values to your life and your way of being. The camel is the weight-bearing spirit. It can carry great weight and survive in the desert. “To the spirit there is much that is heavy; to the strong, carrying spirit imbued with reverence. Its strength demands what is heavy and heaviest.”

The spirit then transforms into a child, the creator. “The child is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a game, a wheel rolling out of itself, a first movement, a sacred yes-saying.” Adults can have a lot of structures in their heads which make them do things in certain ways because they have accepted the rules and values society regarded as legitmate. A child doesn’t know much of the world. It doesn’t care about how others perceive it and it can come up with things that are totally new. Picasso once said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after he grows up.”

Divine Slug Oil Painting

Divine Slug, 30x40cm, Oil on Canvas, Lihui Liang, 2022. A gigantic slug swallows every human it sees; however the only things it takes are non-spiritual objects, including jackets, underpants, and luxury jewelry. Without any of these to show their status, humans could remain true to their souls.

Flower Power

Flower Power Print (unframed) The story behind it is about friendship. Authentic friendship requires nurture and mutual love. 45x30cm. Signed by the artist. Ship worldwide.

Kamama Finding Heart Special Edition

Kamama, a friendly purple monster who has lost his heart, finds different ways to grow them back. Each comic provides practical tips in life for living fully and being your true self. It gives you a lot to think about each time you read it. Suitable for both kids and adults. Size: 17.3x26cm Full-colour prints.

Notebook: A cloud with no worries [TIRAMISU]

“A Cloud with No Worries” Notebook. (80 pages) Front: a cloud with no worries Back: a strawberry tastes like a pineapple Size: 139 x 216 mm

Pink Elephant Enamel Pin

Pink Elephant Enamel Pin Story: Nobody knows who the Pink Elephant is. There is no record of where it is from. Therefore, no-one has any clue about it. However, it would appear in someone's dream or spiritual journey to give a hint about what it truly means to "be". Then he changed his previous way to "be", his new self is inspirational, fun, and filled with wonder, as who he truly is.

Portrait of Friedrich Nietzsche (Limited Edition Print)

A portrait of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, A3, Limited Edition of 100, originally in acrylic painting, painted by Lihui Liang in 2020.   Ship worldwide. Unframed. Email for an alternative size.