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counterreality is a new way to look at the world that aims to guide people through self exploration and spiritual development. #counterreality
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CounterReality portrait

Gordan Ramsay is a popular English chef. His recipes often use olive oils and beef. Artist captures a Shrimp Dragon around him guiding him to make food with a lot of flavour! Final touch with purple lips as it is a #counterreality_ portrait

Gordan Ramsay Spirit Animal Portrait Finding yourself portraiture service

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Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant is the icon of CounterReality brand. It would appear in your dream or spiritual journey to give a hint about what it truly means to "be". Then you changed your previous way to "be", your new self is inspirational, fun, and filled with wonder, as who you truly are.


paintings manifest your dreams and connect with your higher self, be an effective leader, innovators, and future influencers.

Platonic Form Portraits

We all have our personal missions on our paths. Some missions remain invisible yet to be discovered. If you are learning to understand yourself, if you're seeking light in the darkness, Platonic Form Portraits can help you align with your path. During the exclusive transformative experience, you will work one-on-one with the artist Lihui, receiving messages to manifest your dreams, connect with your higher self, and eventually achieve a clean creative happy lifestyle. Our customers are effective leaders, artists & musicians, innovators, and future influencers.


Before I was on edge, I came out feeling relaxed and it gave me something deep and profound to think about.

— Charlie Carrel (English professional poker player)

It helps me to be more centered and reminds me of something important about myself.
— Jazear Brooks (Founder and Computer Developer)

Lihui's painting was like when you went to a coffee shop, it wasn't just about the coffee....It was an inverse version of me and it really made me think.
— Eugene Shvarts (Co-Founder)

This helps me understand a dream of who I can be, so when I look at it, it's a motivating force to think about what can I be doing better to be a better version of myself.

— Braydon McLean (Data Scientist)

Not only the painting itself, but I also enjoy the conversation and everything included in the process.

— anonymous


2017-2021 (San Francisco | London)

Counterreality has existed since 2017. It was founded by Lihui Liang in San Francisco. It is an art gallery, a community, and a phenomenon to discuss important questions in life, such as: "Who are we?" "Why are we here?" "What is the purpose in life?" Now Counterreality is continuing to thrive in London, with a promise to lead to a clean creative lifestyle. #counterreality_painting

unique surreal portrait paintings connect with higher self and manifest dreams

“You created the most amazing intellectual scene in San Francisco. CounterReality is a place where closeness, friendship, honesty could thrive."
— Samo Burja

2001 - 2003 (7 years old) | Beijing

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